This summer has been one of the strangest best and worst summers every. To start I was humped by some random chick at as I was leaving a bar, simply because I held the door open for her. Polite people apparently get pinned against a wall and dry thrust until the perpetrator is pried off by her accomplices that they call friends. Adding to the weirdness of girls is the level of strangeness that some guy’s use as a “pick up line.” So my friend and myself were at a bar that we had been frequenting, bartenders at started to know us and we had for some reason a prime seat for guys honing in and reaching through our conversation. When in a middle of a relatively unattractive male on the prowl asks if I was Hispanic. For some back ground my grandpa is Puerto Rican but in all honesty I don’t know if I really look Hispanic. When my response was almost out he then asked “do you have any kids.”

HAHAHA kids… me! I proceeded to ask why he would ask me, some random girl that he thought was cute enough to hit on if they had kids. Now that’s a way to get a girl moist for you. His response was simple, unbelievable and laughable, “Because Hispanics are more fertile.” Talk about a gigantic generalization as well as a little bit prejudice. Stupid and hilarious.

Oh did I mention my car was broken into while I was on a relaxing hike, I got a speeding ticket (perhaps I should not have set my cruise control to 86, giggle), oh went to the ER for a migraine that made me throw up so much that blood was coming up with the phlegm and finally was let go from the coaching job that I had been over worked, underpaid at for a delightfully creative and enjoyable 7 years.  SO I figure onward and upwards so to get on my feet walking I am fully focused on school, working to much as always, hiking once every week and putting words together on a paper creating life in sentences.