When you laugh at yourself a piece of you becomes happier

As the school year began

Sleep would be missed

Eyes would struggle to stay open

Deadlines would be met by the skin of everyone’s noses

Depression began to set in

And life continued to be coffee

Coffee continued to be work

Papers would be finished after closing

And work days would commence with delirious making amounts of sleep

Each event was as funny as a good joke

And the end of the day would be applause worthy

The numbers would clock me out

And the letters would begin my work

Fast pace structured essay done in no time at all

A rush to get online for every source to be brought together

A dash for it to be posted hours late

Then pause, noticing there is nothing else up

A reference to the guide of the rules

And then the laugh

A laugh of shame

A laugh of relief

A laugh of stupidity

A laugh that the feverish amount of sleep was worth not

A laugh that the paper that was so late was actually a day early

A laugh that life is never what it seems

This was my Friday and Saturday

This was my laughable weekend

That I am no more great or grand than anyone but me

And when you laugh a piece of you becomes happier