When I was 21 every weekend a friend and I would go out, drink our hearts out and a decent amount of time had our drinks paid for. Well this Friday I was 21 again. Different friend but a place we have been before. It started out at my beautiful friend BP’s place where we made quesadilla’s, talked, got ready and had a drink. My other friend GW, having pre-partied, picked us up to go out to her friend birthday in downtown. Well, the line for that place was down the block and around the corner. The whole car was in a “fuck that noise” agreement. We then went back to a place that has become a stomping ground for us. It had been about 2 months since we had last been there and the doorman, bar back and hot bartender still remembers us. This I believe is both good and bad. Bad because it makes me wonder how much of a spectacle we had actually made during our times there. Two the hot bartender seemed excited to see me, So much so that the first round was on him. And shortly after we sat called me over for a shot and to talk, asking questions about me, then me asking questions about him. It was odd cause I am not sure what to think. I mean, you think about it, no one really truly meets people at bars, but at the same time, this guy is attractive and kinda dorky. The right mix for me. I need a dork, someone who can laugh at themselves, someone I can laugh at, someone who I can laugh with and someone that can make me laugh. I admit that I take life way to seriously sometimes and this is the balance I need. It didn’t help that my friend was being a tad bit pushy with him but it is what it is. I try and remind myself that I can’t take this too seriously. After all he actually hasn’t asked for my number and again it’s a bartender that I met at a bar. But it was kinda nice to flash back to my 21 years knowing that I would be passing out at friends and getting the attention of a very attractive male. About I think both my friends would agree with me that I need to get over my nerves. The problem with not being 21 is that when I used to not wake up with a wicked hang over, I know do. The only failing part of the night, was the morning since yah know, I had a wicked hang over. So much so that when I went to work at 11 it was obvious. But one of my lovely co-workers saw and simply made a concoction and told me to drink. And I felt a good deal better. I was actually able to hold down food, thank god. Whether it was mortifying or not knowing people at a bar made for a fun and interesting night with some really good if not just  entertaining friends.