So in my senior seminar class we had to write a creative poem… well i decided to combine two forms. That of the chant and that of the found poem. So it is chants intermixed with some of my friends facebook posts… read and you may just find one of yours… let me know your thoughts

With everything I see

… Becoming a jaded server

With everything I read

… Broken, Humbled, Discouraged and Pissed the F*** off

With everything I feel

…I want to go to a haunted house.

   Also…I’ve been drinking

With everything I hear

… Up up and awaaaaay

With everything I touch

… soooo true

with everything I eye

… My little duckling! She is of course the cutest!

With everything I taste

… Spent the day in Valletta where apparently

   the pigeons think your shoes are food

With everything I smell

… I passed that drug test last week

With everything I express

… They just couldn’t say cause we’re so awesome

With everything I digest

… I just need some waffles with syrup Hahaha wow

tonight has not ended and its already been epic 🙂 I heart my friends

With everything I need

… Tongue isn’t bad. I’ve had it several times but never ordered it

With everything I want

… Because this is what I do now when I’m bored and have nothing to do

With everything I see

… That my friends need to clear

With everything that’s dear

… Since hopes and dreams aren’t sheer

With everything that I fear

… My friends will throw back a beer

With everything I reside

… That is on my facebook to spy