–          When you leave your apartment and walk the 2 blocks to your car, ready to go out, double check to make sure that thing you feel on your wrist is actually your apartment and car keys… and not just a bracelet you never where.

–          A roommate that coincidentally comes home in the nick of time so you don’t have to wait on the street in 4 inch heals is so awesome

–          Driving at night on laurel canyon with no one in front of you so you can really enjoy your drive is… unbelievable. J

–          Walking 3 blocks to think you missed the place, to cross the street just in case it’s actually on that side to only see that if you have walked about 15 steps further on the other helps you burn some extra calories

–          Sometimes doormen don’t bother to look at you or your id to make sure you are 21 while at the same time are unable to figure out that your guy friend that was born in ’89 is defiantly more than 21.

–          Discovered that super tight, barely there skirts are apparently in style and okay to where to a rock show… have not discovered if they are slutty or not.

–          A good rock show is always worth a no sleep night. Ears ringing, neck hurting, friends laughing, girls dancing like crazy. It’s awesome to see people singing along with your friend’s band.

–          When your ears are still ringing after you leave the show it just reminds you of the awesome set full of energy and driving music.

While I woke up late for work, with blisters on my feet from walking so much in heals, I still know that it was worth it. Good music, good show and new memories.