To those who have not ever been in a customer service based job or that don’t seem to get that we are still people.

We are not your servants or your slaves. You are also not between than us and do not have the right talk down to us. We are just the same as your, we are people, that have good days, and bad days, mediocre days, horrible days and amazing days. Our days actually get worse seriously and historically because of you. I serve coffee to you; I work at a shop that calls out your name/drink/pastry. When you come over to me by bar when I am making your drink ONLY and you say “I also had a waffle.” My response will be simple, “they should have it started for you by register.” When you follow with a snooty tone and say “well, can you make sure” as you walk away will not float my boat. You then proceed to not get your waffle when it was called multiple times. One of my co-worker’s who is much nicer then me proceeds to transfer your waffle from inside to outside and you again snootily say “can I get a knife and fork, and some syrup.” I repeat I work at a COFFEE SHOP, not a breakfast restaurant. So if you want real waffle syrup and all and not that has to be warmed up by a toaster there is a Denny’s down the street.

Oh the people that we meet. Again, we are still people that have to deal with you people. Some of you are fantastic; I have made some good friends and acquaintances with the customers I have met over the years. Yet there are other that either decided to make other’s lives difficult and treat people in the service industry like we are supposed to kiss their feet and do anything and everything.  Now the story I have mentioned is not as “impressive” as some of the other customers I have been in contact with over the years. However it is a great example of tone of voice and remembers that we are people to. I get the some customers come in tired, or they have had a rough couple days so there are things that can easily set the off. This is the thing though, we understand that, what we will never understand is when customers come in treating us like machine that just do as we are told as you talk on the phone, throw your payment at us or quadruple check everything that we do and say. We are people that make mistake but we are also people that do things right. So the next time to go into any coffee shop or restaurant or any place that is suppose to treat you like an amazing person even if they don’t know you think about doing the same. Who knows you may gain a friend, a comrade or a much better eating and shopping experience.