A new job, new things happening

So with my new job I have the joy and the pleasure of NEVER having to be at work by 4:30 or 5:30 am. Another fun time is I get to do a little bit of my expressive and creative side. I have not decorated cookies I do not even know how long and I got to do it at work.


There are many more, over the last 2/3 days i have done at least 100 cookies. The owner wanted the cookies out to sell for Thanksgiving since some of them are Turkey’s.


It became of mixture of having the 8 hour shift fly by and also having it go at a snails pace. Anyway, getting to create more than just drinks where I work made my day. It added to the benefits of my new job.

Disadvantage though…. I CAN BE A KLUTZ. This morning before I got started on the cookies I decided to make my self a Crepe with some strawberries and a little bit of Nutella (oh I learned how to make crepes as well…. still perfecting the technique so i don’t have to fix holes that I make). Even though I was using a vegetable slicer to cut the strawberries, fingers curled, I still manage to slice my ring finger. It starts to bleed and bleed. I wash and squeeze a paper towel around it and begin to look for a band aid. Could not find but I figure, no customers, so I can squeeze and elevate and get it to stop bleeding.  Then two people show up, I squeeze my finger, hide the bleeding, so  I did not have two senior citizens grossed out and getting disgusted, potentially freaking out. I take the ticket back to my co-worker and of coarse when I ask her where the band aids are and they of coarse would have bitten me in the face if they were a snake. So now I have a finger flap, just like 2 weeks after the piece of my thumb that i cut off from slicing butternut squash had finally finished growing back.

So I think I will start a tally and every month I will add to it. Hopefully it’s just more glasses and not any more fingers 😉

As of today at my new job have

broken 2 glasses

sliced 1 finger