Creative work with guidelines:

Step 1- One or two true autobiographical details

  • Born and raised in a religion that I left
  • Enjoying life in the way I want

Step 2- One or two fictional autobiographical details

  • Traveled the world to find the perfect scene
  • Became the lead singer of a band

Step 3- Famous person and one or two biographical details

  • Chris Carabba, lead singer of dashboard confessional
  • Went to school for education

Step 4: Include three of the following six items or devices:

  • an exclamation point
  • a color
  • a “vulgar expression”
  • a planet
  • a question
  • a dash

Step 5: Create a poem combining steps 1-4

Wrecking the first person:


I was born and raised

In the word of the celestial stars.

I turned my parents lives black

The day that I left to sing.

I let time pass

As I enjoyed life as I had desired,

Traveling different lands a world

I had not viewed to find the perfect scene.

Soon I found a scene in a singer named Chris,

His Dashboard Confessional.

With guitar strings strumming

And drum beat living.

Could this have been my perfect scene?

So different from the shining stars,

Yet something I myself long to glimpse.