So not that long ago I said that I would be keeping a tally of how many times that i hurt myself at work and how many things I break at work. We can add to the breaking things. I was steeping tea and put the flat ceramic tea pot on top of the cup so it can steep in the cup with the head and the air. This ceramic plate, is also supposed to be used to place the tea bag on when it is done steeping, well in usual fashion I am cleaning something else up and my hype knocks the table that my tea in it’s steeping up is on and the ceramic tea pot shaped dish lands on the floor and shatters… so add a broken ceramic dish to the broken items list. This was better than Sunday, i dropped so many things at work, but, they were all paper, for plastic, so nothing broke 🙂 yes I am a butter fingers and get liquidy and buttery when tired or stressed 🙂