Things I have done to my cell phone…

my first phone–> fell out of my pocket when I was flushing the toilet at school…. it went down with the water

my second phone–> I dropped several times, had it fora few years, eventually the vibrate function and ring tone began to work only on the vibrate and ring function, not both so upgrade time

my third and forth phone–> still a flip phone, the front screen stopped working and eventually the inside screen stopped working (if you haven’t figured out I am a clutze, I also had a really bad habit of tossing or throwing my phone :/), thankfully I had insurance on this phone so the first time it stopped working  i was able to get another one and it lasted till I upgraded and got a knew plan.

my fifth phone–> touch screen with a slider for a full key pad, with in the first month I got really angry and threw it against my bedroom wall :/ and when I mean throw I mean like I had a baseball in my hand throwing it to a batter, with every piece of anger and frustration I was feeling in that instant. The front screen shattered, remind you it was a touch screen… I needed a new phone (that was the last time that I threw my phone, kinda bit me in the ass a little bit)

my sixth phone–> I dropped it so many times, I went through 2 case protectors. One of my new friends had the same phone and said it looked like my phone has been through battle, that is how bad it was. The last week the battery was acting up. I was dealing with it then it started getting worse, I would pick up the phone to talk to someone and it would last 1 minute, going from full battery to low battery. So I did the first fail safe thing, pull the battery out and put it back in. I had trouble sliding the the back of the phone back on. I looked at my batter and it was bloated. The top and bottom and expanded it looked like the shape of a ghirardelli chocolate, thick in the middle and pinched down on the ends. I thought I had another battery (after all this was the replacement for the one I threw against a wall), I couldn’t find it, so I was stuck with a phone that would go from full battery to none, to some, it was dying if not dead. So onto a new phone.

My seventh and current phone–> I have a screen protector, a thick case that has a little bounce, and insurance…. here is to hoping that I don’t put it through hell and back :/