Everyone thinks that starting a New Year means life is going to change. All the New Year’s resolutions, that 80-99% of the time get broken. The thing is people make all these grand ideas about the new year and talk about what they are going to do and then plus or minus 1 week the things they talk about they are still talking about and not just doing. People’s diet and quick weight loss and the goals to fix their “flaws” and “imperfections. You know like in the Friends episode where Monica was going to take more pictures, Ross was going to try something different every day (and he got stuck in those leather pants), Rachel was going to stop gossiping and Chandler was going to stop all the sarcastic jokes? The problem is resolutions such as these never follow through all the way. Yeah, you may lose those 20 pounds in a month but are you really going to keep on going with the diet once you hit the weight you want. Half the time, no because there is one basic thing that people forget to think about when they make a resolution. It should not be about short term, at the end of the day if you truly want to change your life, your circumstances and everything around it the conscious decision and action for a lifestyle change has to be fulfilled. So here is my resolution…. I don’t have one. But at the end of the year I will check in and hell you should too and let everyone know the conscious lifestyle change that you and I made to better our lives and ourselves or the others around us. And remember as you start to break you resolutions over the next few days (cause we all do) change does not happen with our constant effort. Enjoy 2012 and change your own life as I will do my best to change mine.