Worlds keep on twisting and turning.

 Life keeps on rolling,

Charcoal cloud that interject.

Lovers lust that just decent.

How are you to be this hard?

How will you to be this cold.

Fire erupts into nonsensical words,

Crazy Unscrupulous Neurotic

Twat. The previous Love lust to all who hold,

Love lust to those who Just



Sitting, toes tapping, butte numbing, fingers

compost, nails biting, jaws clenching, waiting.

Rain keeps blowing, lights keep passing by

cheeks white, cold and wet

from rain as wet as the ground was dry.


“Amputated rose” frost bitten from life, from you,

from him. Bottled up, closed off, shut down

once was, was never more. Imagine me

this way, in words

Crazy Unscrupulous Neurotic Twat.

Don’t say it, don’t think it, don’t

mention it!

Loves lust lost forever, just his imprinted on

the discovery channel, all she did(n’t)

 want, all she got a song to remember her a

Ram to ignite her, a lioness, but

all they want is a slug, “a theoretical baby”

to-  freak-  them- out or her or

did “Vermont” really grow or have


Love lust never came.Love lust just fermented.

Love lust, just