Okay so more to add… but at least this time my additions to the tall have waited months, maybe my klutziness is finally slowing down. (Well when it comes to breaking things, if you must as ‘are you still dropping things?’ the answer is yes).

Only one more thing broken, it is one of the ceramic tea bag holders that looks like a tea pot (when I started in October/November we had 4, we know have total of 1).

3 Cuts to add

– One on my middle finger. I was cleaning the inside of a refrigerator that had a lot of dried and chilled on vanilla frosting and it had gotten under the back panel. Well I believed that my fingers could fit under there, WRONG. As it turns out it barely fit (and I kept insisting on shoving my hand under it to clean) and the bottom end was sharp so, I said goodbye to a small chunk of the skin on my middle finger.

–  Another on base of my thumb on my left hand. I felt it, thought it didn’t do anything and next thing I know I was bleeding

– The final a random cut on the palm of my hand that I know I got at work but do not know where. I just know that it is in a spot that I constantly have to clean so it does not get infected. Thank you cuts on my right palm. : /


My next add to the tally I will add them up and see where I am. Kinda sad and morbid but hey that is part of my life and I must say right now it is a good one.