So as I sit, in a coffee shop I once knew so well, I avoid writing a paper. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t. You ever have something that sticks in your head for weeks, something that had been relatively invisible to your mind, eyes and feelings. That is were I am. So much is on my mind, so much that is not supposed to be. I can write, obviously but I can’t write what i need to write. I write about everything else. How I am need of a new computer, cause mine is busted and slow as hell. How I haven’t had a date in… oh I don’t know, i want to say 2 years. How I need to get this paper done, but stare at a screen with one page done and not able to write anything else. How I want my own place, with a room of my own. How I need to get out of this head space, but not matter how much I write and expel, I can’t get the thoughts out of my system.  It all should be done, it all should be gone. Vent, vent, Vent…. Steam, Steam, Steam….. need to focus in the right space.