Sometimes the first step in letting go of the past and finding your future ia realizing your personal transgressions against people.  Realizing how you have done wrong and what you reach to apologize for and hopefully be forgiven for. In tbe realization you cry and you feel like scum (if you didn’t already). However that’s not the hardest part of the process, it’s the reaching out part. I’ve learned in my current situation that a phone call is needed, dialing thag number is the hardest part because for me you are telling them you were wrong. Your stubbornness has to be put the side and make the call. Once that phone starts ringing, whether they pick up or not there is no turning back. the thing is to not everyone will forgive you. Not everyone will welcome the apology and it’s learning to realize the apology while yes for you isn’t all about that. It is also about putting the idea of forgiveness out into the universe for the chance of something to happen. For the chance that they will see that you know you have done wrong and for the chance to release any resentment. And with putting that apology into the universe you also leave the door open for all resentments to dissolve. While the people may not be ready to accept your apology one day when they are ready the apology has already been in place.
So, pick up the phone and apologize.