I usually like to be more poetic when I write. However, with mounting pressures and a patience that has run it’s course it’s time to be direct and honest. I never saw myself working a job quit like this but I supposed with any job these issues could happen again. How is it that people don’t see how their actions affect those around them? A boss that pushes for unrealistic and unreasonable time lines pushes out a boss that truly managed and developed people. Associates that move so slow and incorrectly enough that it is apparent they are not doing what they could and trying to force a decision of moving them to something else. Other teams that have certain jobs under their umbrella push back on what their job is, then instead of correcting what they do wrong telling someone else to do it and lastly not doing it correctly. Lastly grown married men that are in charge or others going on a business trip and aggressively hitting one their female employees, thus adding enough validation to the rumor of an internal affair and the baby that was created. The girl gets moved to another team while the manager is still there with the appearance of no repercussions.   The most PC term that I am willing to use is frustration, I have used many a colorful other term but for now I will stick with frustration. People are frustrating, associates are frustrating, managers are frustrating, customers are frustrating, clients are frustrating making work frustrating which like a bowling pot of potatoes spills over when it is too full. The frustration is bowling over and spilling into the parts of my life I love and enjoy. So after weeks of letting myself get depressed and upset about everything I have decided to move onward and upward. I have started a 21 day fix program. It is supposed to be for food intake and exercise however I have decided to apply to other things to this 21day fix. Day 1 was leaving at work after 8 hours instead of staying late then continue my C2K5 running with my friend. Once I got home I continued and did day 1 work out pushing and sweating feeling my thighs and legs burn and shake. Lastly the final step for personal is cleaning up after myself. Cleaning all the dishes, making sure all my clothes for the day was picked up things that I got to tried and frustrated to care about. Today I follow with keeping up to my day 2 plan working out and eating (mostly, save a frustrated eating of some sour patch kids) and today I chose to write instead of do nothing as I calmly wait for my delightful man friend to arrive at the flyway from Orlando.

So bare with me the next 21 days as I work to improve my life through healthy eating, fitness, writing and accessing parts of my brain and psyche that have not be accessed the last 3 years.